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Strictly Babble serves up an eclectic array of conversations from two Bostonians, who share everything from a favorite television series to the weirdest thing they saw on the way to work that morning. They chat about medical phenomena and reflect on their own experiences with health issues and what it means to live in the “best city to get sick.”

Co-hosts, Deborah Blackwell and Nina Livingstone give listeners a fun look at how to eschew from stereotypical fears; learn how to talk about challenges; explore life with all its triumph and tragedy; break down barriers to healthy, happy living; and offer a warm appreciation for better ways to communicate.

Nina, who has self-described “flawed speech,” explains how a first-grade diagnosis of deafness led to her unique enunciation. She explores Usher syndrome, a hereditary disease that eventually causes total blindness and deafness and what that diagnosis meant when she heard it for the first time at age 12.

Deborah, who suffers from POTS, shares her insights, experiences, and challenges, providing listeners a clear understanding of what it is and her latest treatments — both the successful and  the failed. With COVID-19 sparking an uptick in cases, POTS is no longer a stranger in the world of “invisible illnesses.”

But, Strictly Babble is not about disabilities or disabled Podcasters. It’s about Strictly Babbling in a thoughtful, fun, and unfettered style. And, amidst the myriad of podcasts, what makes it stand out is simple.

“We’re not experts nor critics, we are two women sharing our reactions to life — along with you — in the unlimited world of Strictly Babble. After all, there’s so much to say.”  

~ Nina and Deb

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